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Toni González

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Hello, my name is Antonio González and my role in this great family that is Finkas ng, is to advise buyers. And after this very unusual and unusual presentation, I will tell you who is hiding behind this successful real estate agent.

I am a forties (well taken by the way), father of a beautiful 8 year old offspring. I am happily separated, after 17 years happily married.

I am Valencian and I have lived almost all my life in a “mini town” located between Aldaia and Quart de Poblet, called Barrio del Cristo. This, coupled with the fact that I am an unconditional fan of Atleti in Madrid, wants me to not print character, desire to improve myself and be better day by day, because they have never given me anything. Always with that maxim of our god of "IF YOU BELIEVE AND WORK, YOU CAN"

I am a happy, smiling, very smiling, close, sickly punctual, very responsible and resourceful (excessively witty) guy. I love contact sports and have practiced them all my life, until the injuries have prevented me.

I am a history enthusiast and devour books as if there was no tomorrow. Late and self-taught student, with great potential, but not very obliged and poorly advised, so among my academic achievements I can only show, with great honor, the School Graduate.

Now I am one step away from obtaining the CRS degree, which gives you the technical training necessary to exercise this profession with guarantees, in addition to being a highly valued personal designation in the real estate field.

I was an entrepreneur and I had an electrical installation company with up to 15 employees, until the damn crisis took everything ahead.

And now, the most sensible thing you can do in your life, is to come running to Finkas ng Alboraya to meet me and if you think so, let me advise you to find the most appropriate home for you and yours.

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