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Enrique Navarro

Benimaclet Office Manager

Being part of crucial moments in the lives of those people who decide to place their trust in me and show them that they are not wrong in doing so, it is what moves me again and again.

Hi, I'm Enrique Navarro, a real estate agent for those coincidences of life.

Since childhood I loved business. That's how I got my first Game Boy, in exchange for a great stuffed animal. Good deal, I think.

Then I met the newspaper El Trajín and it opened a new world for me. Things that people sell very cheap because they no longer want them? Anyway, he was the typical restless child.

When leaving class I had to lend a hand in the family kiosk and I was happy for two reasons; I liked the numbers and charging my friends.

I was telling my mother that when I was older I wanted to be "economical," all because of an acquaintance I had who was an economist, but I wasn't sure what it was.

In the end I studied business administration and computer science, but look where the job I loved was that of a waiter. Serve people and be satisfied, it filled me up.

I didn't share my father's idea when he told me that it was temporary, although like every father, how right he was!

After the opportunity that a friend gave me and with the help of my brother Carlos (now Alboraya's office manager), I started in the trickster real estate world. He hooked me in such a way that in 2004 I associated with my brother, founding what is today the great Finkas family ng.

I've always done things little by little and without losing sight of the origin of everything.

I think it's worth a job done perfectly than five simply well done, and that's something I repeat very often to the team.

I am a very familiar person, I love sports and collecting. If I could, I would collect until time, but it looks like it can't be done and that's why I try to make the most of it.

And yours? Do you want to lose trying to do something that any member of this team would be happy to do for you?

Do not hesitate, hire us and dedicate your time to what is most important to you.

Your confidence moves us.

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