Go ahead to the competition and do not let your floor stay empty

Trust in a nearby company, in the neighborhood, with extensive experience and above all, professionalism.

In addition to finding the tenant, we want you not to worry about anything during the duration of the lease, so and whenever you authorize us, we can manage your home before and after the signing of the contract until its expiration.

If you want to save time and gain tranquility hire a professional who manages your home.

If you trust us, these are the services that we put at your disposal, so that you can choose according to your needs.

Security before everything

There are insurance against unpaid rent and defense against vandalism. It is one of the owners' greatest fears; the unpaid. Rest assured, today there are many insurance with all types of coverage for these cases.

Choose the service that best suits your needs

FNG Standard

If you have time and you like to take control of your home. In addition you prefer to have an active communication with your tenants, this is the service that best suits you.
  • Processing of insurance of defaults (optional).
  • Processing of the CEE. We will prepare and register it.
  • Dissemination of your offer. Your home will be visible in more than 30 Internet portals, it will be on our website and in our shop window.
  • Tenant selection according to your instructions.
  • We will draft the lease agreement, its possible modifications, extensions and termination.
  • Change of ownership of supplies.

FNG Complete Management

If on the contrary, you lack time and do not want to have to take care of anything during the entire term of the contract.
  • Everything included in the Standard FNG service.
  • Preparation of model 806.
  • Delivery of the deposit in favor of the Generalitat.
  • Manage the collection of monthly income.
  • Management of incidents and breakdowns in the house.

FNG Total Tranquility

If you are looking for peace of mind, this is the ideal service for you.
  • Everything included in the FNG Complete Management service.
  • We guarantee the payment of the rent, even if the house is unoccupied.

Rental guide

Download the Finkas rental guide ng.


Did you know...?

You will need to obtain the Energy Efficiency Certificate to rent your home, even to advertise it, according to Royal Decree 235/2013.

The owners must deposit the deposit in favor of the Generalitat Valenciana. All this according to the provisions of Law 29/1994, of November 24, on Urban Leases; the Law 8/2004, of October 20, of the Generalitat, of the Housing of the Valencian Community, and the Decree 333/1995, of November 3, of the Valencian Government.

The lessees must pay the Property Transfer Tax and in case of not doing so, the owner will be subsidiary.

Things you must not forget

Choose the type of contract according to purpose, since it is not the same as a temporary contract for a displacement worker, for example, than for a family that is going to assign it to their habitual residence.

Change ownership of supplies. For companies, the contract holder will be responsible for the defaults and even for possible damages and manipulations to their equipment.

You must sign a contract termination document upon expiration. Few people do it, but it is necessary to present it even to recover the deposit deposited in favor of the Generalitat.

Still with doubts?

Trust us and rent your home with complete peace of mind.


Generic contracts

Living place

Generic contract for annual rental of a house.



Generic contract for annual rental of a commercial premises.

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