Open House Today open day

What is it

An open house consists of opening the house for sale to the public without prior appointment and in a relaxed atmosphere.

Organizing an open house is a real estate marketing technique typical of the American market.

Likewise, it allows other colleagues of the sector to know the home to be able to offer it to potential buyers.

The main difference between an open house and the concerted visit is in the results because you get to increase the number of visits in less time .

One of the advantages of open house is the schedule . It is intended to be broad and outside working hours so that potential buyers can attend without problems.

The objective

The objective is to make the house known to the greatest number of people in the shortest possible time.

In these days you can get to concentrate more buyers in a single day than in a whole month of conventional sales.

How do we do it?

Everything is planned with time and always, of course, with your consent .

The ideal is to take the home to the market through an open day.

Previously, we will have launched a great advertising campaign creating a lot of expectation among potential buyers.

This is an event that none of them wants to miss.

These events are usually accompanied by another of our star services: Home Staging


Home Staging Your house enters the scene, the concept of Home Staging is a set of techniques that allow to enhance a home and give it a more attractive appearance.

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See more changes to this property
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