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Sergio García

Rental Manager

Hello, my name is Sergio García and I have seen this company built from the ground up.

Since when was it another real estate agency run by other people that didn't work and both Carlos and Enrique gave it a different approach and changed it completely.

Everything has been evolving exponentially until today.

I saw the birth of the Massamagrell office and I am very glad that Irene made the decision to open it, time with a lot of work and sacrifice, ended up proving her right.

I have always felt involved in decisions that have been made and that for a worker in any company has more value than anything else.

My thanks to Irene, Carlos and Enrique for being able to share Finkasng with them, which for me is more than a job, it is a lifestyle, MY LIFE. And of course thanks to all my colleagues for being the great family that we form.

Currently I am the person responsible in the housing rental management office.

I have been carrying out this management for 8 years, both in the Massamagrell and Alboraya offices. In addition to my work experience during these years, I am an insurance mediator for a couple of rental insurance companies, these companies can always help you decide if the future tenant is the right one.

I was born and raised in Alboraya, what better person to advise you than someone who knows the town like her own home. We know that renting a home is an important decision and you always want to know what the area, street, neighborhood is like... where your new home will be located and what better than a person from the town to give you those answers.

I consider myself a dynamic, enthusiastic person, a lover of my profession, calm and, above all, one of those people you can trust without any problem.

I am passionate about nature and being able to enjoy it with my family is the most beautiful experience, the one I enjoy the most and brings back the best memories. Although enjoying a good walk alone in the mountains is my moment in which I clear my mind and recharge my batteries.

Another of my hobbies is cooking and getting together with my friends and preparing food, it's priceless...

If you are looking for a personal advisor who will give you peace of mind and knowledge, do not hesitate to call me

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