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Sento A.Falaguera

Personal adviser

How do you start talking about yourself, with what we all like?

My name is Vicente José Andrés Falaguera, although acquaintances and friends call me Sento. In E.G.B. There were so many Vicente in class, I decided to change my name.

I've always considered myself very competitive, maybe that's why I bounced so hard on the ground when I was cycling with my little friends.

I consider myself a calm person, but I imagine that if your mother calls you "restless ass", the verdict is not appealable.

It is true that years ago, looking for myself, I have enjoyed great evenings on the part of Europe, even going so far as to live for a time in the United Kingdom. But when the "terreta" pulls, everything returns to its channel.

Since I love to eat, I thought cooking would be fun. And so it is. With 20 years old, I already governed a dining room with 8 people in my charge. Abroad, I worked in various countries as a chef, until I became second chef at a resort in one of the smallest countries in the world, Andorra.

After a thousand and one nights stumbling, I returned to Valencia and again the concern led me to study an administrative cycle, getting a little closer to the world to which today I spend more time than my own wife (Eye, she does not force me to put this).

A great friend gave me the opportunity to be part of Finkas ng. Do you want to do something nice and help people? Of course, was my response. And since then I do not stop training and informing myself in order to be more useful to the people I intend to help.

Contrary to what many people think, buying or selling is not easy and can be a disorder. I am here to advise, help and facilitate this transition.

Consistency, dedication, transparency, efficiency, commitment, ethics, rigor, seriousness, honesty, sincerity, experience, ... They are skills and attitudes that are part of the philosophy and team of Finkas ng.

I want to help you, call me.

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