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Jéssica Peña

Buyer Agent

Hi, I'm Jessica Peña, a “trick” of a pure strain born in Teruel. I lived 27 years in my Adored Utrillas village where I have all my friends and family.

I define myself as an independent woman, fighter, entrepreneur, dynamic and very happy. All my professional life is dedicated to dealing with the client. I got tanned in sales when I worked at AXA SEGUROS, where I was very comfortable for more than 6 years. But the day came that day I decided to change jobs and cities, following my instinct as usual, I needed to do something else! And without thinking too much, I took my suitcase and went to live in Madrid to get to know the real estate world from its epicenter, although to be totally honest, it was also for love, because I am a hopeless romantic and my non-husband at that time was waiting for me ...

After 3 days of being there I did several job interviews at different real estate agencies, one of them gave me a very good feeling and I decided on this one ... as I said I move by instinct.

I worked several years until my most precious treasure was born; My son Leo who is the joy of my life every day. Then my husband and I decided to move to his hometown, the beautiful Valencia.

I was very clear that I wanted to work in the real estate world I am passionate about this profession! And I got down to work in the same way that I had already done in Madrid previous years.

I began to investigate and investigate to analyze all the options until one sunny day I came across Finkas ng. At that same moment I said to myself: I HAVE TO WORK WITH THIS TEAM! I, being a pure strain, always get my goals and here I am, in the office of Massamagrell working as an agent of buyers to help you fulfill your dreams, find your new home together and surely end up with a beautiful friendship.

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