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Desiree Saura

Buyer Agent

So that you know me a little better, I like to introduce myself as a normal person who works for people like you.

I started in this sector with my partner and friend Irene Guijarro in March 2015.

I love my job and for me, my clients come first! I try to make them feel calm in the important process of finding their new home. My goal is to make that trance together as comfortable and safe.

Thanks to my experience in the construction sector where I have been practicing for more than 13 years and my humble experience with German, English and French clients, we try to break down barriers every day to reach more people like you.

At the Massamagrell office, I work as a Buyer Agent.

It reassures me to think that my knowledge as a Technical Architect and Engineer makes the decisions that my clients make regarding the homes they select to be the best for them.

Therefore, if you come to Finkas ng Massamagrell as a buyer I will be delighted to meet you and advise you.

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