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Daniel González

Sales manager

The truth is that in my youth I have done a bit of everything.

I had always imagined with some work in continuous contact with people.

My great passions from a very young age have been everything related to the world of motor and billiards, a hobby that I try to combine with my work as a real estate agent.

Among other things, I studied hospitality, a profession to which I planned to dedicate myself when I was younger.

Later, with twenty years he began to call me a lot the real estate agent profession. My mother encouraged me a lot and thanks to her today I am here.

I decided to hit the jump to this wonderful profession and after my first sale, I got very hooked. I was surprised by the effusiveness with which customers thanked what you had done for them.pan>

I feel like a super lucky person for being part of all those people who trust us to find their home.

I consider myself a sincere person, a bit hyperactive. My colleagues are always telling me that I speak a lot and sincerely, I always tell them, that they are the ones who speak little ...

I try to help everyone I can and for me, this one where this one, sincerity is the basis of anything I do in this life.

It's the first time I've been part of a family at work, which is how you feel from the first minute you arrive at this company.

Thank you very much to Finkas ng and all my colleagues.

Office Valencia-Benimaclet

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