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Alejandro Royo

Personal adviser

During my "youth" I dedicated myself to music and was a drummer for almost 8 years in a rock band. It has been my great passion all my life.

For the rest, I have always adapted to everything, there will be few things that I don't like, apart from bad manners.

Before entering this beautiful profession, I studied carpentry and design with the aim of dedicating myself to interior design and reforms, and that was the case. But in the end, what I enjoyed the most was with the people, with all those people who asked me for advice on how to do things, and who still count on me when they have doubts. The personal treatment was without a doubt the best part of the job and I would dare to say that of any job.
That's why when I had the opportunity, I decided to become a real estate consultant.

I love dealing with people on the street, with their doubts, fears and problems, and being able to help them both sell and buy, solving all those uncertainties they have.

I consider myself a person from the heart, I have always empathized a lot with people's problems and I have tried to help as much as I could.

I haven't had much, but the little I've had I've shared without expecting anything in return. It has never been about me, but about what I can give of myself to others.

I am cordial, I think meticulous and I have always liked to have a procedure to follow to achieve my goals.

This life has taught me two things. The first, that there are plenty of pedants. And the second, that the fear of rejection are the bricks that support the wall of loneliness and I love breaking down the barriers that separate us.

So, if you are looking for someone with a heart, sincere, transparent, hard-working and who will do everything possible to help you, count on me.

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