How do we work in Benimaclet?

The origin of Finkas ng takes place in Benimaclet, in the year 2004. The office has always had a family focus, represented by two brothers and in which close relatives helped. Today, more than 10 years later, this house has grown a lot but has not left behind those values of transparency, professionalism and closeness that have always led hand in hand.

Fortunately and unfortunately (it depends on who you ask), it is a neighborhood very close to the university areas, which makes it a neighborhood with lots of life and movement. This, in turn, makes many people want to invest in it, buying homes to rent them to students who come to the neighborhood every year. Therefore, in recent years in this office we have specialized in this type of customers, not without leaving aside the families and neighbors who want to live or continue living in the neighborhood, of course.

Another specialty is inheritance. Many of the people who hire us ask us to manage inherited homes, a subject in which we have been trained in recent years. We can say that Benimaclet is an old quarter, what was known then as "the town of Benimaclet".

Benimaclet has us all in love with this office team. We can say that we live in the neighborhood, in fact, some do. We spend most of the day in Benimaclet and when we go out in our spare time, we do it here, in the neighborhood. We love knowing every corner, every new business. Benimaclet is full of life. Is different.

If you are thinking of living or coming to invest in Valencia, do not doubt the 46020 does not fail. And if you are an owner and you need real estate agents to help you, here is a great team with a lot of heart, ENAMORADOS DE BENIMACLET.

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